BullPerks DYOR Guide: How to Analyze IDO Projects

These are tokens developed, given an arbitrary value, and sold to early investors. To encourage users to invest in it, more of these special tokens are made thus making them inflationary! These are one of the crypto scams you need to be aware of while DYOR. You should also look up the blogs on the cryptocurrency websites and just check out if the project is working along the lines it said it would in the roadmap.

Read the latest news, events, reviews, videos, technical analysis and guides around crypto. Though there are many social media platforms where the crypto community is quite active, you still ought to DYOR as Sybil attacks are very common on such platforms. People with malicious intent can quickly create fake accounts in an attempt to trick investors into purchasing crypto based on a “popular” post on social media. Sybil attacks are also very common on social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. People with malicious intent can quickly create multiple fake accounts, attempting to trick investors into purchasing a cryptocurrency based on a “popular” post within a social media platform. But, it is not always easy to spot the fake accounts, so it is important to remain skeptical and do your own research.

What is DYOR?

Cryptocurrencies with smaller market caps can have a greater upside, but are often more risky investments. Market capitalisation – This is the current price of a cryptocurrency multiplied by its current circulating supply. Assuming the project has found a great way to solve an important problem, we can focus on the other factors that make up a great company.

Apart from blockchain networks, decentralized applications like DeFi projects and projects trading on decentralized exchanges charge a fee for liquidity provision and other services. Some projects channel this fee into further development as a source of revenue. Knowing the importance of this data to investors, shady cryptocurrency projects have devised a means to create fake volume and liquidity for their assets. This tricks investors into believing in the viability of the asset. Honeypot projects create fake buy and sell orders to trick investors into believing that the asset can be easily bought and sold.

When the market is going up, some investors can be caught up in the hype, buying based on the fear of missing an opportunity. Without thorough research, investors are more likely to incur financial losses after buying assets at elevated rates. The main reason for doing research is to practice responsible trading and disciplined thinking to minimize risk.

Why Is There a Need for DYOR

Identify an opportunity – Look for an emerging trend in the crypto space. Similarly, Solana ‘s offering against Ethereum is that it’s faster, and cheaper to carry out transactions . The internet is full of misinformation and disinformation, some of which may even be malicious propaganda. People may lose their rationality due to strong FOMO emotions.

Overview: How to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) in crypto

Too many projects struggle to correctly price their mint and it can ruin the project before it even gets off the ground. Is there future utility (a game, a token, an airdrop, breeding mechanics, exclusive access/membership etc.)? As the space evolves, the presence of differentiators continues to become more and more essential to success.

  • Therefore, always do your own research before investing in a project.
  • The best investors can do is equip themselves with enough knowledge and research to assist in effective decision-making and reduce risks.
  • Take note of engagements, important announcements, potential milestones, and other projects and personalities worth following.
  • The three usual ways of doing this are by early investors, a closed set of miners, and some early handful of private investors.
  • Available on iOS and Android, you can easily earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps.

Another factor to consider is whether the token will be supported on a hardware wallet. Wallets like Ledger and Trezor support hundreds of smaller cap tokens and coins, plus are even compatible with several different blockchains. Small market caps can be vulnerable to pump and dumps, and large caps can be harder to get those dyor meaning crypto moonshot gains. Be aware of massive volatility with smaller cap coins and liquidation potential. And if you have taken a step deeper and begun farming and interacting with liquidity pools, be aware of liquidation from impermanent loss. The white paper is a must-read document for every investor doing their due diligence.

On social media like Twitter, accounts like Whale Alert will monitor and broadcast transfers from these whole wallets, which often reflect the future trends of a project to some extent. DYOR is a buzzword in the crypto world that means doing your own research and analysis of crypto projects. For anyone eager to join the market, it is crucial to learn about how to do your own research.

On Crunchbase, you can find information such as when the company was founded, who founded it, and where it is based. Use this information to double-check what you heard from the interviews or got from other sources. Learning how to research cryptocurrencies before investing requires that you have an understanding of the fundamental and technical aspects of the asset. Hence, you need a basic understanding of what makes a token worth buying and a deeper understanding of the economics behind price trends.

How to Effectively DYOR in Crypto?

There’s no need to get aggressive and lose friends, but it’s easy to fall for misinformation so people will usually not know they’re sharing it. Similarly, several centralized exchanges are creating ways to participate in crowdloans through their platforms, while some wallets are integrating crowdloan functionality into their apps. Any legitimate effort should be using the native crowdloans module in the background and offering a more streamlined user experience.

Why Is There a Need for DYOR

Your BLP tokens will be sent to the address you provided during the Airdrop. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Using Frontier, users can also track wallets, collect & manage NFTs and get push notifications on any transactions. Adding more chains and simplifying access to Web3, Frontier Wallet aims to make DeFi more accessible for the next billion users. This information will give you an idea of the project and help you gauge its potential and whether it is worth digging into further.

Web3.0 learning journey syllabus

Regardless of whether you’re considering established cryptocurrencies or newer tokens, it’s important to understand what you’re investing in. In this article, we’ll look at how to do your own research through fundamental crypto analysis, along with an in-depth look into the different quantitative and qualitative factors to consider. CoinMarketCap lists most active cryptocurrencies , so finding a project’s coin page is a great place to find some basic information, especially related to tokenomics. For instance, in 2016, Dr. Ruja Ignatova promoted OneCoin as the next big cryptocurrency and a “better Bitcoin,” but the blockchain behind OneCoin never even existed. People use DYOR to encourage other investors not to blindly trust any piece of advice, research or claim, regardless of its origin. They hope that by encouraging everyone to research and understand the projects in which they invest, the crypto space will collectively become more informed.

Why Is There a Need for DYOR

Partnerships and such are typically displayed on a project’s website and can be announced through social media. Developing a familiarity with different tools and decentralized applications is also essential. Within cryptocurrency and DeFi there are a growing number of tools and dApps that can make life easier, automated, and more straightforward. New websites like centralized and decentralized exchanges, automated market makers, plus portfolio trackers have transformed the industry and the tools used by investors. Many platforms allow customizable accounts and interfaces to help make the DeFi experience more accessible and individual. Information provided by public databases such as Messari, Binance Research, and Delphi Research, and aggregators such as DefiLlama and Defi Pulse can help in your research too.

Start with the whitepaper

Nevertheless, this wiki provides a good example of the documentation a legitimate project should provide. If a project team constantly updates their product, it is always a good indication that they are serious and passionate about building. Regularly releasing new features and upgrades, fixing bugs, updating their site and notifying the community of these changes are good earmarks of a legitimate project. Also, make sure you understand the scope of the association.

Coin Burning

It should give you all the details and potential outcomes of a specific cryptocurrency project. A real-time on-chain analysis is used to determine how stable the blockchain network of the cryptocurrency will be. Then, you can use it to find market or cryptocurrency patterns. Before investing in crypto, have your due diligence in place. You must have heard about this term if you are related to the crypto space.

Marko is a crypto enthusiast who has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2018. When not charting, tweeting on CT, or researching Solana NFTs, he likes to read about psychology, InfoSec, and geopolitics. The end result of Bob’s crypto journey is that he bought a digital asset by relying on the word of others, rather than reaching a conclusion on his own. If lucky, he might have truly struck gold but as we said, that is sadly a rare occurrence in the sometimes predatory world of investments. DYOR stands for Do Your Own Research and it represents a powerful acronym that urges newcomers to learn on their own and not to rely on others.

Investing fixed dollar amounts over regular periods of time regardless of the price of the asset. Find out why doing your own research is essential and how experienced investors do their due diligence. DYOR often involves digging into the fundamentals of a project before committing money to it. Do your own research, or DYOR, is a common phrase within the crypto community. Whether it’s a phisherman or fake news, always resist the pressure to act immediately.

Learn here what DYOR is, why it’s so important for novice and experienced crypto investors, as well as the main DYOR techniques you need to know to make a better-informed investment decision. In crypto, the uses of DYOR are various and contradictory, earnest and ironic sometimes within the same discussion. Disclaimer – Information https://xcritical.com/ found on our website is not a recommendation or financial advice. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Our website and marketing collateral use reference rates as an indicator only and should not be used for decision making. Content may not always be entirely accurate, complete or current.

If the project has a decentralized team, try to figure out how many members there are. Many tokens and coins will have this information readily available on sites like GitHub, which provides open-source code to review projects. From there, it is possible to see who edits and interacts with the code of the protocol. When investing in a volatile asset like cryptocurrency, it’s important to take your risk appetite into account.

Still, you should try and find out who is behind the project and what they are doing. For developers, their GitHub activity may be a stronger indicator of honesty. Other team members might be heavily engaged in their community, providing guidance and answers, which is always a good sign. Additionally, active development usually also means good development to be used as an indirectindicator for a closed source project.

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