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Walking up to the door at Mother’s Caring About Self , an intensive outpatient treatment facility, was one of the most intimidating moments in her life. By the time she was in high school, she had tried LSD, cocaine, mushrooms, and more.

I am grateful for life now and grateful for the support I’m surrounded with. Mark hasn’t drank or used drugs in nearly three years! Mark says he’s attended recovery groups since 2015. Mark also takes medication on a regular basis.

Collegiate Recovery Community

In the past two years of my life, I’ve had more fun being sober than I did ever. Just because I’m sober or because someone is sober doesn’t mean that you have to completely change. I think I really noticed a change, it probably wasn’t till the end of grade 12. We had one night where you got trashed and you hit me and, and I think that’s when it really clicked into me that there was something else going on.

  • By day, she’s a successful editor, but by night she’s a party girl who can’t sleep.
  • I went from being a hopeless, shambling alcoholic to the person I am today.
  • Since becoming actively involved in her treatment, Brittany has gained supported housing with her boyfriend, and is participating in a parenting skills class to learn to be a healthy mom.
  • “My mania would start with me getting agitated and aggressive.
  • Our goal is to offer people a single source of relatable, reliable information at any stage of their recovery journey.
  • By the end of the year, I was having several drinks most nights of the week.

He didn’t die, but the terrifying thing is this – he could have. It was bound to happen – my drinking and driving caught up with me, and I wrecked my car. After my DUI arrests – and after hearing it from my wife – I made up my mind to quit. Sometimes, I was too sick – hung over – to go into work. There were some issues, because evidently, I am kind of a jerk when I drink. I would say mean or stupid things to some girl I was dating, and we would break up. I got into a lot of fights, most of which I lost, being so drunk and all.

Finding Recovery

I attended daily AA meetings for the first ninety days. Later, I cut back to three to four meetings a week as I returned to taking call at work. At the appropriate time, with the guidance of my sponsor, I was able to make amends to everyone I had harmed, including myself. Whether you want to better understand the mindset of addiction or find inspiration in how they got out of it, these memoirs are nothing short of inspiring. In this dark but incredibly comedic memoir, Smith tells all about her story and the road she finally took towards recovery from her perpetual numbing.

She spoke like she wasn’t afraid of anything, but her story of recovery proved she didn’t always exude the same fearlessness. All of my peers were still at college partying while I was embarking on a spiritual journey. It was the most difficult and most brave thing I have ever done. “My therapist introduced me to my first sponsor who sent me to my first 12 step meeting.

Powerful Women’s Recovery Memoirs to Inspire Your Own Journey

“I was in a desperate place in my life, and I just fell to my knees and prayed for help,” she shares. Kristy was homeless and had an open Department of Child Safety case that risked custody of her children. “I was often told that I was overqualified for some jobs and then was rejected for others because of my record. This was a hindrance and a barrier for me that was really challenging to deal with.

It worked; I felt so much more relaxed and fell asleep easily that night. Our guest today is a prime example of how this community can remain a central part of somebody’s life and recovery even as their circumstances change. Ashley McQueen came to MARR as a client in 2005, and even though he was discharged, he never left. He went from client to volunteer to sponsor to counselor without really planning on doing any of that. In this mini-episode, he talks about the principles of the therapeutic community that he learned as a client and that he continues to practice as a staff member.

After Rehab – Living the Rest of My Life One Day at a Time

As part of his probation guidelines, he was ordered to take his medications, attend therapy and find work. It wasn’t until he realized the reality of the consequences of his addiction, that he found the focus and strength needed to work on himself and move forward in reaching sobriety. Remember, sober success stories success is a journey, not the end of the story. For those who came of age in the 1980s, you may remember the then-baby-faced Rob Lowe from the movie adaptation of The Outsiders. Just a teen at the time, the film was his first introduction to Hollywood, and his first introduction to alcohol.

  • Both her mother and father struggled with addiction.
  • “Once, when I wasn’t on my meds, I couldn’t be controlled,” he shares, describing an altercation at a grocery store that landed him in restraints and on his way to jail for assault.
  • Everyone’s recovery story deserves to be heard.
  • Kristy’s call for help was answered when she saw a CODAC sign across the street from where she stood.
  • And what worked for one person to get into recovery won’t necessarily work for another.
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