Top 10 Attributes Every Sample Test Plan Document Must Have

Author of the specification and their contact details such as email id. It is likely that we will encounter different viewpoints from different people across test design specifications. Even if we eliminate geographies, you and I could produce entirely different specifications . This is because what I perceive as necessary may not be crucial for you and vice-versa. In this stage, we analyze the application and all other things we have with us. All the data a tester collects in the analysis stage will act as the basis for our test cases later.

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This can depend heavily on the type of software we release to the user. A game application may need a lot of UI, UX, and hardware response testing. It may not be so important to worry about these points in a banking application.

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7.3 Evaluation Process – Describes the four steps of the evaluation process to be followed. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

It’s important to note that the test design is expected to be constructed before the testing and not during or after. A QA manager must schedule all QA activities, and note them in the test plan. The QA plan/timing needs to align with the overall project schedule. Schedules and timelines are dynamic and require frequent updating. It’s a good idea to keep the test schedule as a separate document, or in a tool, and provide a reference to the link in the Test Plan. Staffing and training needs – List the required resources and all types of training needed for a smooth execution of the project, including the identified skills and resources needed for the training.

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The primary objective of a test plan is to communicate the testing approach/methods to the reader. This section must list the types and number of rounds of testing, the defect tracking process and list of tools to be used for the project. This section is important to include because it lists the overall areas included and excluded from testing. It provides an insight into the approved scope of work for the QA team and works as an excellent reference for reporting. Grades recorded on the basis of the pass/fail system do not figure in the computation of the grade-point average. Satisfactory completion of all courses taken on the pass/fail system is designated on the student’s permanent record by the letter S.

First part is the introduction which provides a brief overview of the project background, scope, testing objectives and references. We have shared a schedule included in the sample test plan of web application. You might add or remove columns in the schedule table as needed. Hence, it is one of the important attribute that every test plan document has.

Test Design Specification: Comprehensive Guide With Best Practices

Software test plan document contains details of the specifications needed to set up test environment. For each feature to be tested, define the references of requirement with requirements ID so that the quality assurance team can refer to it. Describe any special consideration or details about the particular feature, if required.

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  • Only the completeness of information in the test design specification is required.
  • School policies may also state that students are not allowed to retake a course if it was graded on a pass/fail basis.
  • For testers, the SRS document becomes a test design specification that serves the same purpose but is focused purely on testing and is just for testers.
  • These requirements satisfy the application’s features, and hence the name “features to be tested” is given to it.

The third section of the test design specification works with the feature refinements and our approach. The “refinements” part has a few specified sections that are essential to be included. However, testers are free to add a few of their own on top of it. Like other test deliverables, the test plan document is also shared with the stakeholders. The stakeholders get to know the scope, approach, objectives, and schedule of software testing to be done.

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The clarity of the specification depends a lot on our understanding of test design and its role in the testing domain. Pass/fail criteria are the decisin rules used to determine whether a testing element or service has passed pass fail criteria or failed a test. Any non-required parameters might be omitted, the minimal form is subject threshold. In this section, we specify the criteria that will be used to determine pass or fail percentage of test items.

pass fail criteria

Here’s everything you need to know about pass/fail classes before the first day of college. The “7. Item Pass/Fail Criteria” section deals with defining when an item has passed or failed. This is not the place to define the detailed pass criteria for each feature, but to describe the process and overall standards for evaluating the test results. A software test plan document is divided into various sections. We had a detailed look on the top 10 attributes every sample test plan document must have.

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Include the list of test deliverables in your test plan document. Test deliverables might include test plan document, test cases, issues report, and performance report. Documentations in every domain provide reference material for team members and people involved in the project, either technically or non-technically. The second element of the test design specification, as per IEEE 829, defines the list of features you need to test.


Note these standards can be iterative and supportive of innovation, rather than the approval process used for drugs which is more of a pass-fail process. In this section, we specify the probability of risks and contingencies to overcome those risks. Plan training course to improve the skills of resources in the project to achieve the desired goals. We specify the list of roles and responsibilities of each test tasks. List of hardware, software and any other tools that are needed for a test environment. Because every college and university has its own transfer policies, Nazareth cannot guarantee that an S grade will be accepted in transfer at another institution.

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